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About us

Vision and Mission

As The Free Evangelical Church of Renningen, we want to help people in our area get to know the living God and to live in community with Him.

Our beliefs

We are free

In our congregation, membership is based on a personal and voluntary decision to follow Jesus Christ. Religious maturity is a prerequisite. We are a state-recognized religious community under public law (KdöR), but meet our financial needs without church tax through voluntary contributions from our members and friends.

We are evangelical

Our basis of faith is the Bible alone and the Gospel - the good news - of Jesus Christ described in it. This corresponds to the heritage of the Reformation, which we share with many other Protestant churches and evangelical churches.

We are community

We consider the congregation as a community of people who identify with Jesus and whose lifestyle is shaped by this belief. We contribute our talents and thus complement each other like the parts of the human body.

We are connected

We are a member of the Federation of Free Evangelical Churches (Bund Freier evangelischer Gemeinden, KdöR), to which more than 500 churches in Germany belong. The Federation of Free Evangelical Churches is part of the German Evangelical Alliance (DEA), the Association of Free Evangelical Churches (VEF), a member of the Association of Christian Churches in Germany (ACK) and the state ACK Baden-Württemberg. Free Evangelical churches see themselves as part of the worldwide church of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we are interested in connecting with other churches and working together whenever this is possible.